Arq Technology™ is a simple mechanical process.


Arq separates pure hydrocarbons from mineral matter, transforming coal and coal waste into Arq Fuel™, a micro-fine powder used for blending into oil products. Arq Fuel™ behaves like oil without the costs of the oil industry.

1. Particle size reduction

Arq Technology reduces coal and coal waste into micro-fine particles through a series of milling and grinding steps.

2. Micro-separation

The microfine coal is then pumped into water-based separation columns, where the hydrocarbons rise to the top and the mineral impurities fall to the bottom.

3. Drying

The 99% pure hydrocarbons are then dried through a mechanical press to create a wet cake suitable for shipping to an oil terminal for final drying and blending with oil.

4. Blending with oil products

Arq Fuel is blended into residual oil and crude oil. The particles are so small that they disperse evenly, similar to pigments in ink and start to flow like a liquid.

At the cutting edge of scientific innovation

Through a combination of advanced chemistry and highly efficient mechanical techniques, we harness a previously inaccessible source of energy that is over 99% pure hydrocarbon.
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A cleaner, cheaper alternative

Arq Fuel™ is a low-sulphur blending component for liquid fuels and oils which delivers high performance whilst reducing costs.
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The unique physical and chemical properties of Arq Fuel™ provide significant benefits for industrial and energy applications. Initially, our focus is on three markets: Residual Fuel Oil (RFO), Marine Bunker Fuel and the Delayed Coker market.

Due to market size, regulatory requirements and supply imbalances, Arq Fuel™ is well placed to meet the needs of customers in these markets. As a new category of hydrocarbon product, there are many opportunities to expand the business into additional product lines.


Arq Fuel™ delivers high performance at a lower cost with environmental benefits. Arq Fuel’s unique properties result in an equivalent performance to typical residual oils. Arq’s low-cost mechanical process allows us to pass on cost benefits to our customers. Arq Fuel™ is also low-sulphur and has a lower emissions profile than most traditional fuels. Above all, the production process helps to reduce the environmental impact of the coal industry, transforming an environmental liability into a cleaner, cheaper energy source.

Arq Fuel™ is exclusively marketed by Vitol, one of the world’s largest distributors of energy.


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Arq Fuel Oil™

Arq Fuel Oil™ is a microfine purified hydrocarbon product for blending with residual fuel oil for the utility market to meet the main specification parameters in internationally recognised standards.

Arq Marine™

Arq Marine™ is a microfine purified hydrocarbon product for blending with bunker fuel that can help the shipping industry address the challenges surrounding IMO 2020 legislation.

Arq Met®

Arq Met is a high-quality solid refined hydrocarbon pellet for blending with metallurgical coals to enhance product performance in the steel-making process.

Arq Thermal®

Arq Thermal is a high-performance solid purified hydrocarbon pellet for blending with thermal coals to increase efficiency and reduce emissions for energy utilities companies.

White Paper

In this first White Paper: ‘Microfine hydrocarbon: a novel approach to upgrading coal into higher-value oil products’, Arq outlines the process it has developed for manufacturing microfine hydrocarbon from coal and coal discard. Arq’s radical new approach for blending coal into liquid fuel oils overcomes the challenges of the past in upgrading coal waste. This is achieved at capital and operational expenditures that are orders of magnitude lower than any previous attempt. The White Paper establishes the commercial viability of Arq Fuel™, and evidences how both Arq Fuel Oil™ and Arq Marine™ meet the relevant technical specifications for entry into the stationary and marine RFO markets.

Download the White paper