Arq recycles and transforms coal and coal waste into an entirely new source of high-value energy.

Making the world’s resources go further

Arq is using cutting-edge technology and scientific rigour to shake up the energy market. Our patented process unbinds microfine hydrocarbon particles from coal and coal waste, by breaking it down into its elemental parts.

We strive to produce the lowest cost energy products – without compromising on performance – while cleaning up a serious environmental liability in the process.

Our solution is radically different from previous attempts to convert coal into liquid fuels, providing a simpler, economically viable alternative.


Tackling a global problem

Our process supports the recommendations set out by the UN Environment Programme, cleaning up a serious environmental liability by reclaiming and regenerating coal refuse sites.
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News & Media

University of North Dakota successfully complete their combustion evaluation of Arq Fuel™ blends in RFO

February 26, 2020

The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) University of North Dakota, energy technology company Arq has spent recent months testing Arq’s new, microfine 99% pure hydrocarbon fuel, to compare its performance and associated emissions against standard RFO.

Strong investor support for Arq in latest fund raise

December 3, 2019

Arq secures over $60 million of additional equity funding to complete development of its plant and terminal facilities in US

Arq appoints Vitol’s Mike Muller and former BP Chief Scientist Bernie Bulkin to its Board

October 3, 2018

Arq, the new UK-based energy technology company, announces the appointments of Bernie Bulkin and Mike Muller to its Board of Directors


coal discard sites in the United States.

1 billion

tonnes of coal discard produced worldwide every year.

120 billion

'barrels of oil' currently lie unused.


pure hydrocarbon unlocked though our technology.

$2 trillion

is the combined global market for oil and coal.