FluxSorb RG

High quality, domestically manufactured Granular Activated Carbons engineered for the treatment of contaminated soils, sediments and water.

Arq’s FluxSorb RP products are produced under tightly controlled operating conditions to create optimal pore volume and properties specially designed for the enhanced treatment of contaminants. They physical and chemical characteristics of FluxSorb RP products are suitable for use as effective adsorptive media for in-situ or ex-situ remediation applications.

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What it Captures

1) PFAS (per and Polyfluoroalkyl substances)
2) Hydrocarbons
3) Chlorinated Solvents
4) CCR Inorganics (Coal combustion residuals)

How it Captures

FluxSorb RG is specifically designed for a variety of remediation applications.

FluxSorb RG products can be used to create a permeable adsorptive barrier to cut off migration of pollutants in a contaminated groundwater plume.

FluxSorb RG products can also be mixed into contaminated soil or used in ex-situ GAC treatment systems. Forms of the FluxSorb RG products are specifically formulated under patent-pending technology to offer improved distribution and kinetics when applied in a sediment cap. As the FluxSorb RG products come in contact with contaminated media, contaminants are captured inside the activated carbon pores and concentrations are reduced through sequestration, destruction, biodegradation, and/or neutralization.

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Product Benefits

Fast kinetics

Quickly achieves treatment targets through adsorption.

Safe chemistry

Avoids use of hazardous chemistries.

Compatible amendment

Easily integrated into a combined remedy with synergistic chemistries and amendments.

Minimizes undesirable reactions

Minimizes undesirable byproduct generation.

Adaptable solution

Adaptable to many implementations including sediment caps, permeable reactive barriers, and pump-and-treat systems.


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Granular activated carbon for treatment of contaminated soils sediments and water.


Granular activated carbon for treatment of contaminated soils sediments and water.