FluxSorb RC

A patent pending injectable colloidal carbon designed to treat difficult contaminants in groundwater and soil.

FluxSorb RC is an injectable, colloidal carbon product line (CCP) designed to target groundwater and soil-laden contaminants that have historically proven to be difficult to treat. The ability to tailor the physical and chemical characteristics of this material for specific applications makes it a versatile, low-cost advanced in-situ remediation technology.

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What it Captures

1) PFAS (per and Polyfluoroalkyl substances)
2) Hydrocarbons
3) Chlorinated Solvents
4) CCR Inorganics (Coal combustion residuals)

How it Captures

FluxSorb RC is tuned for effective delivery and distribution in a subsurface environment.

The ultrafine particles of activated carbon disperse during low pressure injection then demobilize creating a subsurface treatment zone. As water flows, contaminants are captured inside the activated carbon pores and concentrations are reduced through sequestration, destruction, biodegradation, and/or neutralization.

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Product Benefits

Fast kinetics

Quickly achieves groundwater targets and reduces risk during implementation

High persistence

Favorable longevity achieved with high subsurface persistence

Safe chemistry

Site infrastructure and safety risk minimized with the use of non-hazardous chemistry

Minimizes undesirable reactions

Minimized undesirable byproduct generation or metals mobilization

Compatible amendment

Easily integrated into a combined remedy with synergistic chemistries and amendments

Minimal disturbance

Compatible with low pressure injection


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FluxSorb RC

An injectable colloidal carbon designed to target difficult-to-treat contaminants.


An injectable colloidal carbon designed to target difficult-to-treat contaminants.

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