We unlock ultra-pure, high performing hydrocarbons from coal discard

Our patented technology unbinds pure hydrocarbons from coal waste, breaking it down into its elemental parts. Arq Fuels are purified microfine hydrocarbons, which are high-performing and high-value new sources of energy. By eliminating impurities, we have created a completely new category of energy products. This opens up valuable new market opportunities to sell our products as a component of liquid fuels and for specialised industrial processes. Our solution is radically different to previous attempts to convert coal into liquid fuels. We use advanced chemistry and a highly-efficient mechanical process to separate hydrocarbon from mineral matter. Arq Fuels are an ultra-low-cost alternative to conventional energy.

Making the world’s resources go further

Arq is using cutting-edge technology and scientific rigour to shake up the energy market. We strive to produce the lowest cost energy products, while cleaning up environmental liabilities, to make the world’s resources go further. We are neither a mining nor oil company, we take nothing out of the earth. We are technology-led innovators applying new processes to extract pure energy from the waste produced as result of coal mining. There are over 1 billion tonnes of coal waste discarded each year. That’s equivalent to throwing away over 5 million barrels of oil a day. Arq captures that lost energy, reducing an environmental problem and creating an entirely new source of energy.

The energy market’s greatest financial opportunity

Coal is the cheapest and most readily available energy source on earth. It’s also the dirtiest. While natural gas and oil are 99.9% pure when used, coal is often only 60-70% hydrocarbon — the rest being water and mineral matter. This impurity means oil has consistently been valued at three to nine times higher (based on a unit of energy) than coal for the past 15 years. Our ability to close the difference in the value of a unit of energy produced by coal compared to gas or oil is the greatest financial opportunity in today’s energy market — worth a staggering $2 trillion per annum to the industry. What’s even better, is that we can achieve this while helping to clean up a major environmental problem.

Bringing together the very best

We have assembled an exceptional team of industry leaders from technology, science, energy and finance.
We are focusing this unique range of expertise on answering one question: how can we make the best possible use of the planet’s resources?

Julian McIntyre

Founder and CEO


Richard Campbell-Breeden



R. William West



Michael Treanor

MD International Business


Paul Groves



Venkat Siva



Coy K. Lane

Head of Operations US


John Unsworth

Chief Scientist


Tom Tudor

Head of Brand & Communications


Transforming energy for the people and the planet

With limited reserves of fossil fuels and sustainable energy not yet widespread, the way we use energy needs a fundamental rethink. Getting more from less is the future of good energy. Arq makes hydrocarbons go further. We take waste out of energy processes, to enhance value for everyone, and to make better use of the world’s resources. Before Arq, coal waste was a major environmental problem. Now, we’re using and reducing that liability to create an extremely cheap and abundant source of refined hydrocarbon fuels. Arq Technology is moving towards a sustainable future: energy unbound.

  • The process

    Arq patented energy technology, ‘entech’, refines coal discard
    to create high value purified hydrocarbon fuel products.
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    Our process begins with reclaiming coal waste Coal refuse is reclaimed efficiently and safely from environmental liabilities using equipment best suited to each site. Alternatively, it can be reclaimed directly from coal mine underflow, delivered to Arq by our mining partners.

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    Getting the most out of coal refuse with micronization The sizing process creates a micro-particle system through a series of advanced milling techniques to enable the liberation of hydrocarbons from mineral matter.

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    Removing the inorganic impurities Arq’s proprietary micro-separation isolates the hydrocarbon from the mineral matter through advanced chemistry and flotation technology. This removes more than 99% of the impurities.
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    We remove 98% of the moisture from our purified hydrocarbon Ultra-efficient mechanical de-watering and thermal drying creates a purified hydrocarbon product containing less than 2% moisture.
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    Product finishing

    Product finishing

    Blending or pelletizing The output is conditioned to create a purified hydrocarbon fuel as either a blend component for Arq Fuel Oil™, Arq Marine™ and in the future Arq Crude™; or as a solid pellet for Arq Met™ and Arq Thermal™ products.

Arq Fuel™ - a microfine hydrocarbon

Arq Fuel Oil™ is a microfine purified hydrocarbon product for blending with residual fuel oil for the utility market to meet the main specification parameters in internationally recognised standards.

Arq Marine™ is a microfine purified hydrocarbon product for blending with bunker fuel for the marine market to meet the main specification parameters in internationally recognised standards. The Arq research and technology team is currently working with specialist partners in development of Arq Crude™ a microfine hydrocarbon product for blending with crude oil to maximise profitability for oil refineries.

Arq Met® & Arq Thermal® are solid hydrocarbons


Arq Met is a high-quality solid refined hydrocarbon pellet for blending with metallurgical coals to enhance product performance in the steel-making process.

Arq Thermal is a high-performance solid purified hydrocarbon pellet for blending with thermal coals to increase efficiency and reduce emissions for energy utilities companies.

Arq Fuel™ is #EnergyUnbound

Arq Fuel is sustainably produced from coal waste, helping to reduce the environmental impact of the coal mining industry. Arq Fuel has a low-cost manufacturing process means that significantly reduces energy costs. When blended, Arq Fuel™ is very stable and has conventional combustion characteristics. Arq Fuel is produced from coal sourced from some of the world’s leading coal producers, ensuring a secure and very scalable supply. Arq Fuel is a low sulphur blending component which enhances the end product by improved stability and increased flash point.

Arq Fuel is exclusively marketed by Vitol, one of the world’s largest distributors of energy.

Contact a global Vitol representative

Europe   +44 20 7973 4200

Asia         +65 6737 9922

ME           +973 172 1885

USA          +1 713 230 1000



Corbin Project

We are currently in the construction phase of the Corbin Project, located adjacent to the town of Corbin, Kentucky and will produce just over 1 million tonnes of Arq Fuel over 12 years. The second phase will produce a further 7 million tonnes of Arq Fuel.

This product will be offered into the markets by Vitol, our exclusive marketing partner, for blending into oil products used for power generation, industry and transportation.

Corbin Project

Other projects

As well as the several sites we own and control, we have an ongoing programme to identify new sites and supply side partnerships which will most benefit from our technology. These include several international partnership agreements with some of the world’s leading coal companies. These also include independent sites, whose acquisition will help secure our product for the future.

Other projects

International projects

International expansion plans are already underway in Australia, Europe, South Africa, and India. Joint venture discussions are in progress with major international partners worldwide.

International projects

Key stats

  • +

    coal discard sites in the United States.

  • bn

    tonnes of coal discard produced worldwide every year.

  • %

    of Saudi Arabia’s reserves is the equivalent energy trapped in global slurry lakes.

  • %

    pure hydrocarbon released by Arq from coal mining discard.

  • $tn

    market opportunity.

White Paper

In this first White Paper: ‘Microfine hydrocarbon: a novel approach to upgrading coal into higher-value oil products,’ Arq outlines the process it has developed for manufacturing microfine hydrocarbon from coal and coal discard. Arq’s radical new approach for blending coal into liquid fuel oils overcomes the challenges of the past in upgrading coil waste. This is achieved at capital and operational expenditures that are orders of magnitude lower than any previous attempt. The White Paper establishes the commercial viability of Arq Fuels™, and evidences how both Arq Fuel Oil™ and Arq Marine™ meet the relevant technical specifications for entry into the stationary and marine RFO markets. Download the White paper


Our unique process separates coal discard into its pure hydrocarbon and mineral fractions. Key elements of the technology and products are patent protected. Arq purified hydrocarbon fuels are sold to the power and steel-making industries, and as a blending feedstock for liquid fuels.

Arq solid fuels are a highly calorific, low-impurity, and cleaner burning source of energy. They deliver significant efficiency improvements to our partners and industrial and utility customers throughout the value chain, including logistical, financial, environmental and other benefits. We are the lowest cost producer of the highest quality solid hydrocarbons, delivering a superior value proposition to any of our competitors in the traditional mining or energy sectors. The removal of moisture and non-hydrocarbon particles prior to combustion significantly improves our products’ environmental footprint.

Coal is the world’s most abundant and lowest cost fuel, with nearly 8 billon tonnes consumed every year. Our technology will reignite the energy market by addressing the significant environmental and regulatory headwinds faced by the coal sector. The vast resources of coal discard available worldwide (more than 10 billion tonnes in the US alone), represent an extensive, low cost feedstock for our patented Arq Technology™.