We take nothing new out of the earth, meaning that the lifecycle GHG emissions profile of our process is lower than most other fuels. Additionally, using existing coal waste as a feedstock, the process provides an improved form of tailings management that supports the UN Environment Programme's call for action.


Over 99% pure hydrocarbon, Arq Fuel™ has a significantly lower emissions profile than traditional oil products – particularly sulphur. Its specification makes it a suitable blending component to help meet increasing regulatory demands across a range of industries, including IMO 2020 legislation.


As well as cleaning-up hazardous material, we are also concerned with the longer-term reclamation of our sites. With the coal waste removed, we help to regenerate the land for environmental purposes or community initiatives.

Environmental responsibility statement

We always ensure we consider the impact of our processes and products on our surroundings. We are committed to trying to improve wherever we can, supporting the world’s transition towards a sustainable energy future.

Land reclamation at Corbin

Arq’s purpose is to make better use of the world’s scarce resources. Changing the way the world views the recovery of resources means doing all that we can to leave the environment in a better way than we found it.

After Corbin’s coal waste has been processed through the Arq Plant, where the hydrocarbons are liberated, all remaining mineral matter is replaced back on the site. Then, working closely with local communities, the land can then be restored to more a productive communal or agricultural use.