“A company turning coal waste into liquid fuel sees itself as a significant part of a broad transformation of the U.S. coal industry to take place in the next few years.

“Arq says it is ‘getting more from less’ with its process that breaks down coal waste into ‘micronized, high-performing and high-value energy sources.’ The company is marketing one product designed to be blended into fuel oil for the utility market and another to be mixed with bunker fuel for the marine market. Arq is also developing a product for blending with crude oil and advertises a refined pellet process for blending with metallurgical and thermal coals.”

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Entech company Arq’s  patented process (United States Patent & Trademark Office, Patent No. 9777235) transforms coal waste into high-value, low-cost fuels ready for today’s market.

Julian McIntyre, Founder & CEO of Arq says:

“A unit of energy generated from oil is currently valued at six times the value of the same unit produced by coal. Arq Technology™ and Arq Fuels™ present an opportunity to upgrade coal into higher-value fuel products. We estimate that closing the difference in the value of a unit of energy produced between coal and oil is a market worth up to $2 trillion a year.”

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Entech company Arq Group Ltd. (Arq) launched in October 2017

Arq Technology™ reclaims hydrocarbons from coal waste to produce Arq Fuels™, designed for blending with liquid fuel oils and mixing with traditional coals

The market opportunity for Arq Fuels™ is estimated at $2 trillion per year

To date, Arq has raised over $175 million. In its current round of fundraising, Arq is looking to raise a further $50 million

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Entech company Arq transforms the hydrocarbons from coal into oil products whilst cleaning up environmental liabilities

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Patent-protected process transforms coal waste into higher-value fuel products.

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The rebrand signifies Arq’s new future as a global energy technology (‘en-tech’) company.

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